Ford Fiesta RS Turbo

The MkIII Fiesta got turned into a fire breathing monster when it was turned into the Fiesta RS Turbo.

It was indroduced to the market in April 1990 and it was withdrawn in 1992 when it was replaced with a less favourable RS1800.

The RS Turbo Fiesta was loosely based on the Earlier XR2i. Visually they where nearly identical , apart from the Rs having 14″ alloys 1″ larger than those on the XR2i, The RS turbo had Green Piping on mouldings overs the XR2i’s blue piping. also the RS featured a coloured coded rear spoiler.

The quick clear heated front windscreen and ABS braking system where optional extras.

Inside the RS was more appealing as it had a solid black Recaro interior the posh name was Ascot in Raven.

The Fiestas CVH engine is pretty much the same as the one in the Escort apart from having a smaller T2 Garrett turbo charger as space was limited.

The Fiesta RS Turbo only came in 4 colours Fords Diamond White, Black, Radiant Red and Mercury Grey. This was the only Metallic colour, A few Fiesta where produced in the rarer Moondust Silver which is a lighter silver colour.

The car recieved poor reviews from critics and the higher insurance costs of the early 90’s really hampered the sales.

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